Valentine’s Day Self-Care Guide: 8 Tips To Celebrate You

Love is in the air — can you feel it? Valentine’s Day is the single holiday where social media will reveal everyone’s relationship status for a full 24 hours. Whether you’re cuffed up or single and ready to mingle, save some space for you this February 14th. 

With all of the pressure to spend the day with a significant other, the importance of self-love can get lost in the mix. We’re here to remind you that a face mask, a good book, and an hour of no-screen mindfulness is more beneficial to your well-being than a heart-shaped box of chocolate. Give these eight self-care tips a try this Valentine’s.

1. Move Your Body

Get your groove back by getting into a groove of moving your body. We’re not talking about a full-blown workout (but if that’s your thing, get after it!), we mean a good stretch, a 30 minute walk, a bike ride around the neighborhood — anything that wakes your body up and gets your endorphins pumped.

With so much busying your schedule, it’s important to pencil in time for movement, no matter how long or strenuous it may be. According to the CDC, physical activity can have a myriad of benefits, both short-term and long-term, that range from improved cognitive performance to reduced anxiety. Let loose, limber up, and get movin’ with this Valentine’s Day self-care idea.

2. Swap Swiping for Matchmaking

Single and sick of swiping on your usual arsenal of apps? We’re with you. Swipe culture had its moment, but has ultimately decimated the genuity and excitement that meeting potential partners used to ignite. It’s 2024, and it’s about time we all got serious about the people we allow into our lives. Give matchmaking a shot.

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3. Have a DIY Spa Day

Nothing screams Valentine's Day self-care like a DIY spa day. Stock up on your favorite face masks, scented candles, scrubs, lotions, and bath bombs for a day of pampering and relaxation. Outside of nourishing your body with moisturizing and exfoliating products, a spa day also provides an opportunity to slow down. 

For an added level of introspection as you work through your step-by-step spa day, turn your phone off and eliminate screen time for the entirety of your Valentine’s Day self-care sesh. Your body and mind will thank you.

4. Meditate

In need of some alone time this self-care Valentine’s Day? Meditation is a practice that aims to focus and clear your mind using mental and physical techniques. Best characterized by deep, steady breathing and one’s connection to their mind and body, meditating can help reduce stress, regulate emotions, and heighten introspection. Here’s how to reach your nirvana in three steps.

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be easily disturbed. Sit or lie down in a relaxed position and clear your mind.

Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath. Take slow, deep breaths, bringing your attention to the rise and fall of your chest.

As you breathe, try not to let your mind wander. Try using a mantra (a word or phrase repeated silently) or a guided meditation to help maintain concentration.

Meditation isn't just a mental timeout; it's a hard reset for a racing mind. Amidst the chaos of your everyday life, meditation can serve as your secret weapon for finding calm within the storm. 

5. Prepare your Favorite Meal

Make no mistake, Valentine’s Day self-care should absolutely include indulgences for your belly, too. Think of your favorite comfort meal; how much joy it brings, how excited you become when the scent filters through your nose. Your mouth is already watering thinking about it! 

Beyond the undoubtedly delicious outcome, the process can be a therapeutic ritual, offering a meditative escape from the hustle of daily life. Use this time to savor the process of preparation, relishing the aromas, textures, and growing anticipation. In a world that often emphasizes external gestures of love, preparing your favorite meal is a personal affirmation—a reminder that your happiness is a priority. Of course, this self-care idea for Valentine's Day can be enjoyed with your partner or friends, too!

6. Get Some Fresh Air

What better time to get outside and smell the roses than on Valentine's Day? If you’re used to spending your days cooped up inside, or constantly commuting to check off all the boxes on your never-ending to-do list, a healthy dose of fresh air is a must. 

Opt for a neighborhood walk, take the scenic route with the windows down, spend some time on your porch or balcony with a good book. You’ll quickly notice a lift in your spirits and energy levels.

7. Treat Yourself

You, yes you, reading this! You deserve to be spoiled — and you also deserve to be the one doing the spoiling! No one knows your guilty pleasures, bucket list items, and random little wants quite like you do, which make you the perfect candidate for treating yourself. Book that trip, spend all day reading that page-turner, buy the handbag, binge the show. Whatever it is that will spark joy in your Valentine’s Day self-care itinerary, allow yourself to receive that instant gratification. 

8. Journal

All of the hype around journaling is real. It’s the perfect format for vulnerable self-expression. It's less about perfect prose and more about disjointed thoughts finding their place on paper. This therapeutic activity can launch a beautiful journey toward self-discovery. 

Journaling allows you to untangle the chaos in your head (no shame, we all have it). Spill the tea about your day, sketch a doodle of a dog you saw on your walk, and embrace the imperfection of journaling as an art. Later, you’ll be able to look back on these entries as time capsules that you can laugh, cry, and smile about in the future.

Practice Self-Care on Valentine’s Day

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury; it's a necessity. In a world that often demands so much of our time and energy, practicing self-care is a radical act of self-love. This Valentine's Day, show yourself some compassion and kindness by indulging in activities that bring you joy, connecting with nature, and practicing mindfulness. By prioritizing your well-being, you'll not only better your own life, but you’ll also have more to give to others. Remember, you deserve love and care, always. Happy Valentine's Day!

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