Why should I try CarpeDM?

We share your frustration with dating apps – hours wasted swiping on low-quality matches, fake profiles, players, and time wasters. Dating apps and their algorithms, a majority created by white men, do not prioritize the needs of Black women. This contributes to the low engagement Black women receive on these platforms and exacerbates our inability to find compatible partners. CarpeDM is designed with the professional Black woman in mind. Our elevated dating experience removes the competition from “others,” provides a way for high quality men interested in dating Black women to connect, and curates highly compatible matches for our members.

We also understand that traditional matchmaking services often come at unattainable prices. That’s why our process is meticulously designed to eliminate the negative aspects of online dating while maintaining all the conveniences you’ve come to expect, all at a price that is well within reach.

Our community is not for everyone and frankly most will not be accepted. However, our goal is not to serve the masses; it’s to create a community of relationship-minded singles ready to find the loving relationships they desire with the most amazing Black women D.C. has to offer.

How do I become a CarpeDM member?

You must be at least 21 years old to become a member. First, create a profile and submit an application to join our community. This application was created in consultation with a Black female psychologist and includes questions constructed to help us get to know your needs and find you highly compatible matches. Questions range from what is most important to you in a match, how socially/physically active you are, to why have most of your relationships ended. Applicants are also required to include recent photos and a short video introduction.

Once submitted – profiles are reviewed for completeness and community fit by one of our matchmakers. If your profile is approved, you are invited to reserve a time to meet your matchmaker. Once you’ve submitted your deposit and scheduled your video interview, you’ll meet your designated matchmaker.

If you pass your matchmaker interview, your application will be moved forward to verifications with our trusted partner. Verifications include: identity and relevant criminal history. Once verified you’ll be invited to officially become a member by selecting your membership plan. Learn more about our verification process.

What’s included in my CarpeDM membership?

All membership levels include access to an exclusive and vetted community of high quality singles and specially curated content and perks through our membership portal. Content and perks include expert dating advice through our Black Women Deserve video series, community engagement in our member-only forum, and exclusive discounts with our partners.

Unlike most dating apps and matchmaking services, we verify and run background checks on 100% of our members. Every Black professional woman granted membership is assigned a personal matchmaker and receives personalized dating insights that display how their dating behavior impacts their success in the community. If we see you’re not succeeding, your personal matchmaker will step in to make necessary adjustments. You also have 24-hour direct access to your matchmaker through the app.

How much are CarpeDM memberships?

CarpeDM offers a personalized experience, leveraging both human matchmakers and a proprietary algorithm to curate matches based on members’ unique individual preferences, interests, and values; fostering more meaningful connections.

Unlike Hinge or Bumble, all of our matches are curated, resulting in an 86% success rate! Our members tell us the matches they receive are typically people they would be choosing for a third date. Unlike Tawkify, which charges $1,300 per match and doesn’t cater to black singles, CarpeDM is a quality, affordable matchmaking service designed for you.

Not only is our service superior, but our clientele is distinct and our members are a real community. A quick look at our competitors’ websites is all you need to see they don’t prioritize, or likely even understand, the needs of Black professional women and men. So, where do you think you’re more likely to find love – with us or with them? By joining CarpeDM, you’re not just joining a dating app, you’re becoming a member of an exclusive community of like-minded singles sharing insights, resources, and successes. Check out our pricing above!

Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

While when it comes to love there are no guarantees, we do promise to send you highly compatible matches that meet your match criteria. We’ve also structured member engagement on CarpeDM to increase the likelihood that your matches result in meaningful, lasting connections. If we do not meet our obligation to send you compatible matches, then we will continue your service at no additional cost, until we get it right! See our Terms of Use for more further details.

How are member verifications/background checks conducted? (Is my data safe?)

Verifications and background checks are required of all members and conducted by our trusted, accredited background check partner. During your application process each member submits the personally identifiable information (PII) needed to conduct the background checks and verifications. CarpeDM does not maintain member PII. It is seamlessly transferred to our partner and stored in its encrypted database.

What’s included in the criminal history background check?

We want to assure our members that we conduct targeted criminal background checks for key markers that we believe meaningfully impact your dateability and fitness for membership. Key criminal history markers include, but are not limited to: sex offender registry, sex crimes, domestic violence, violent crimes, financial crimes like fraud and theft, and identity theft. While membership offers are extended at the discretion of CarpeDM, low-level infractions, traffic violations, and misdemeanor drug offenses are not alone disqualifying.  

How long does it take to complete member verifications and background checks?

The length of time to verify a member varies. However, we endeavor to complete membership verifications in a timely manner. Members can track the status and progress of their application in the CarpeDM app.  

How does the matching process work?

CarpeDM’s matching process features tech and human driven matches based on our proprietary algorithm and the industry expertise of our trained matchmakers. You’ll set your match requirements and criteria — letting us know your “must haves,” “likes,” and “deal breakers” and provide deeper dating insights directly to your matchmaker. This allows us to curate highly compatible matches that meet our required minimum match score and handpick matches that reflect your true relationship needs.

We will send you both algorithm curated and handpicked matches to like or pass. If someone likes you, you will have 48 hours to respond to their interest or lose your match. If there is mutual interest, you will have 72 hours to host a 5-10 minute video chat in the app with your match. We want to create a sense of urgency to communicate with your match, while being cognizant that you have busy lives. After the video chat, both members must agree to remain matched to continue communicating.

Who are your members?

While the privacy of our members, which include public figures and celebrities, is a top priority, we understand the desire to know that you’re joining a community of high quality singles. Our members range from doctors, lawyers, engineers, and government professionals to entrepreneurs, academics, creatives, and artists. Not only has our team built a single’s network through strategic partnerships, but we’re also relentless about getting the best of the best to join our community. Yes, that even means approaching that handsome gentleman shopping in Wholefoods or chatting up that group of bachelors playing basketball at Equinox. We’re passionate about connecting people and we do the work to ensure you’ll be in good company.

What happens to my membership if I meet someone?

Unlike other apps that make money by keeping you single and swiping, our goal is to help you make a meaningful love connection. So don’t worry, if you start dating someone you’ve met on CarpeDM, you can Hide Your Account in the CarpeDM menu and we will pause sending you matches. If and when you’re ready, simply Unhide your account to start receiving matches again. If you’ve found love and want to remove your account completely, simply contact your matchmaker through the app!

Can I join CarpeDM if I’m not Black?

Yes! While CarpeDM is focused on helping Black women find the loving relationships they deserve, we do so by providing those worthy and interested in dating them a way to connect. No matter your ethnicity or gender, if you’re someone looking to date professional Black women, you can apply to join as a Pool Member.

Who are your matchmakers?

Our matchmakers are industry experts who have put tens of thousands of hours into online dating and matchmaking, designing proprietary matching algorithms, and working with psychologists and behavioral experts to curate compatible matches for our members. Our matchmakers have created matches that have led to happy marriages and growing families; they are professionals with exceptional work ethics and a sincere commitment to helping singles make meaningful connections.

Not to brag but our matchmakers have a genuine passion for making lasting love connections and we are relentless when it comes to finding the best singles to join our community. Meet our matchmakers.

Did you know our team created LoveCast, an award winning virtual dating show based on CarpeDM’s video-first matching process! That’s right, we’ve recruited and successfully matched singles from all across the country.

Are you hiring matchmakers?

We are always looking for sincere, personable, and passionate people to join our team. However, much like our membership, we only accept the best. If you think you have what it takes to help our members find love, send your resume to info@carpedmdating.com.

Is CarpeDM available in my city?

CarpeDM is currently live and accepting new members in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. But we’re expanding quickly. So, tell us where you’re located and we’ll let you know when it’s time to become a member in your city!

Is CarpeDM available for iOS and Android devices?

CarpeDM is currently only available for iOS devices. However, the Android app is coming soon. Get notified to download the CarpeDM Android app as soon as it’s ready!

How can I refer friends and earn cash?

While our membership waitlist is ever growing, we know that birds of a feather flock together. So, we pay special attention to applications that come from existing member referrals. Because we value referrals, we incentivize our members with cash! Once you create an account on the CarpeDM app, you’ll be given a unique referral code that you can share with your friends. Just click “Member Rewards” from the menu. You’ll earn $100 cash for every member that joins our community using your referral code. It’s that simple. See our Terms of Use for additional details.

Is CarpeDM really Black-Owned?

Yes! Not only is it Black-owned, it is minority female operated! We take pride in our diverse team, empowering women leaders, and creating an innovative dating solution that we ourselves would use.

How can my organization become a CarpeDM donation partner?

CarpeDM members care about their communities. That’s why a portion of every membership goes to an organization dedicated to supporting the Black community. We’re always looking to partner with amazing organizations, big and small, that have a mission to uplift and empower the Black community. If you are in leadership at such an organization and think your members would benefit from exclusive access to our community, then we’d love to consider your organization as a CarpeDM donation partner. Get the ball rolling by sending us an email introducing your organization to GiveBack@carpedmdating.com.

Where can I find CarpeDM on social media?

We’d love to connect with you on social media. Follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Who do I contact about media inquiries?

For press and media inquiries, contact Marketing@carpedmdating.com.

I have more questions, can I speak with someone on your team?

We’re here to help! The fastest way to get an answer to your question is to speak directly with a CarpeDM matchmaker. Request a free 15 minute consultation to speak with a member of our team by filling out the consultation form now.

Ready to become a member?

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