We’re not only good at what we do, we also love what we do!
At CarpeDM, we cater to busy professionals looking for meaningful relationships by taking the burden of finding love off your shoulders. We’re known for our high EQ, friendly-responsive demeanor, and dedication to improving the love lives of our members.

Queen of Hearts

Naza is a leader passionate about building community and technology that helps people meaningfully connect. A seasoned attorney turned entrepreneur and matchmaker, she specializes in matching high profile professionals.

Naza has made successful matches that have resulted in strong marriages and growing families.

Naza Shelley, CEO

The Humanist

Sali is an attorney and advertising executive turned entrepreneur and matchmaker with a passion for creating technology that enhances the human experience.

Sali’s approach to matchmaking is compassionate, honest and straightforward, allowing her clients to dig deep and get right to the heart of their relationship desires.

Sali Hama, CMO

Professional Counselor

Monique is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in individuals and couples. She believes it takes courage and hard work to see change and that most often happens when we feel safe and supported.

She is passionate about facilitating long-lasting love and connection for CarpeDM members!

Monique Miles, MS, LPC

The Realist

Chanel has a deep passion for expanding representation for black (queer) women, both in storytelling and in love. She is a former lawyer and former special education teacher.

Chanel fiercely believes black women are deeply deserving of healthy love and is excited to help you on your journey to find that love.

Chanel Glover, ESQ

The Heart Listener

Tai is a Public Health professional who understands how important healthy relationships are to our overall health and well-being.

She is an active listener who is excited to support you in your pursuit of meaningful partnership.

Tai Maynard, MPH

The Mirror

Chiquita is a passionate relationship coach who has spent close to a decade teaching singles how to find lasting love. Drawing on Christian principles and self-reflection, her matchmaking techniques help clients attract compatible partners by developing self-awareness and identifying shared values and communication styles. Chiquita belives self-knowledge is the key to sucessful relationships. Her methods have helped many singles journey toward their ideal match.

Chiquita Johnson

Love's Champion

Ashley is dynamic tech leader who specializes in DEI & social justice efforts, change management as well as creating opportunities for connectivity within the corporate space. Ashley is champion of love, who strongly believes in the importance of creating a healthy dating experience for people of color. Her compassion and empathy enable her to provide the coaching and support needed to help you meet your match!

Ashley Rascoe

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We’re on a mission to positively impact our members’ love lives. Ready to take charge of your love life and find out how working with a CarpeDM matchmaker can help you find love? Request a 15 minute consultation to speak with a member of our team by contacting ask@carpedmdating.com.

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