9 Romantic Date Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

Relationships take a great deal of TLC (tender, loving care) to maintain and nourish — add distance into the mix and things become infinitely more complicated. Birthdays, holidays, Valentine’s Days, and anniversaries spent miles apart can leave both of you feeling lonely. For the times that you crave a good old-fashioned date night, virtual date nights are your saving grace. Amid the internet age, there’s never a shortage of things to do in a long-distance relationship.

In the early stages of a relationship and still feeling out your partner via video call? These virtual date ideas are sure to serve as amazing second, third, and fourth-date options. At CarpeDM, we embrace the video-first online dating approach. Chemistry is everything and these virtual dates are sure to get the vibes rolling.

If you’re looking for new and creative ways to spark your romance, we’ve got nine long-distance relationship date ideas that are sure to turn virtual moments into unforgettable memories.

1. Send Care Packages 

Since you can’t treat each other to warm baked goods from the local bakery or a hand-delivered bouquet of flowers, opt for a delivery-friendly care package. Whether it’s an assortment of chocolates and wine, an at-home spa day kit, or a collection of handwritten notes and special mementos, a care package can brighten your lover's day in an instant. 

Of course, when curating or browsing for the perfect box for your partner, don’t forget to put a personalized touch on it. If she loves waking up to a piping hot cup of tea, give her something to talk about with a loose-leaf sampler with a cute mug. If he’s big into self-care, consider getting him a shaving kit with luxury razors and aftershave to add spice to his routine.

Once your packages are in transit, set up a time to open your packages together and do a virtual show-and-tell over video call. Seeing each other light up with surprise will make this long-distance relationship activity one to remember.

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2. Play Games 

Who said game night had to be an in-person endeavor? While you won’t be able to move players on a board or complete a 1,000-piece puzzle together, the online options are endless. Perfect for an evening wind-down, game night serves as an excellent long-distance relationship activity. Move over 20 questions, we’ve got more fun in store; check out these online options for virtual game night:

3. Have a Movie Night

Synced-up movie nights are now made possible through streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and Apple TV. Coordinate a time, throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and find your coziest corner on the couch for a watch party with your boo that’ll feel like you’re in the same room.

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4. Enjoy a Bubble Bath 

Nothing sounds (and feels) better after a long day than a bubble bath with your boo. Even if you can’t enjoy a steamy tub together, you can synchronize bath time to unwind and destress together. Use this time to recount your days and most recent updates, or add a little spice by making it a sensual experience. Light a few candles, pour a glass of wine, and see where the night takes you.

5. Coordinate a Wine-Tasting

A wine-tasting event for two? Yes please. This long-distance relationship date idea is perfect for oenophiles and beginners as it allows you to explore flavor profiles and sharpen your tongue. 

There are two routes you can go with a virtual wine tasting; professional or DIY. The professional path elicits the help of an expert sommelier host who will walk you through each of the wines delivered through their package. As a DIY host, you can coordinate which bottles you and your partner will pick up from the store, and create a mini-presentation about the flavor profiles you purchased. Of course, if you wanna go the lazy route and just enjoy wine time with your lover, set up a Zoom or Facetime call and sip the evening away.

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6. Try Mixology

The only thing standing between you, your boo, and an expertly blended cocktail is a mixology class. Mastering the art of creating a premium cocktail is a skill that’ll enlighten your taste buds and bolster your hosting repertoire. As an added bonus, this experience is seamlessly executed over video call.

For a formal education on crafting cocktails, you can enlist the help of a mixologist who can walk you through how to use barware tools, zest fruit, mix liqueurs, and garnish your beverages. Look to a company like The Cocktailery which can host the perfect virtual mixology class for two. 

Similar to the virtual wine tasting, you can always go the DIY route for this long-distance relationship activity. You and your partner can buy a book or follow a recipe and figure it all out on your own. This new experience is bound to be full of laughter as you grow from beginners to experts — and this long-distance relationship date idea is one that you can repeat over and over again! 

Going the DIY route? Stock up on these bartending books by Black authors:

7. Make Playlists for Each Other

Out of the millions of songs that exist in our big, wide world, there are a certain handful that specifically remind you of your partner. During the times where you’re not able to be physically together, you can stay in each other's company at all times of the day through music. 

Spending a night making playlists for one another is the perfect setting to show and tell about the tunes that make you swoon. Retell stories of the memories those songs evoke and build new memories with songs new and old. Creating a shared playlist on Spotify is easy and you can always make changes and additions during future playlist-making nights. 

8. Cook a Meal Together

While the list of things to do in a long-distance relationship can seem endless to the point of decision fatigue, few date nights feel as warm as cooking together. Virtual dinner party nights are as simple as finding a recipe, coordinating a time to heat up the oven or stove, and getting started. Preparing a meal becomes a symphony of shared moments that transcend the physical miles between you two, while producing a sensory experience for all five senses.

Now, figuring out what you’re both in the mood to eat is another obstacle. Take the fuss out of it by purchasing matching cookbooks that you can pick and page and run with. 

9. Create a Vision Board

A vision board serves as a powerful tool for couples near and far, offering a visual roadmap to shared dreams and aspirations to build toward. This creative long-distance relationship date idea enables partners to identify individual and joint goals while fostering a deeper understanding of each other's desires.

By collaboratively choosing goals and images that represent shared values, the process provides a beautiful venue for open communication and a deepened emotional connection despite the physical distance. The board can also serve as a tangible reminder of the life you two envision together, providing motivation, inspiration, and a positive focus amidst the inevitable challenges of separation.

Embrace the Future of Online Dating

The dance of long-distance love is one that comes with plenty of challenges with every twist and turn, but it’s all worth it for that special someone. Whether you end up hosting watch-party movie nights or curating playlists, there are so many wonderful ways to find joy in virtual shared experiences. With these ten long-distance relationship date ideas, you can spend more time cheersing to a long future spent together without a dull moment in sight!

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