New Year, New Love: 8 Achievable Dating & Relationship Resolutions for 2024

Joyful black couple celebrating the new year, smiling and laughing in each other's company.

Every new year marks another 365 days to set goals, enter new chapters, level up, and spend more time with friends old and new. Your love life is no exception to these exciting new frontiers, and what better time to devise dating and relationship resolutions than now? 

Whether you’re already boo’d up, dipping your toes in the dating game, or focusing on building the best version of yourself, these eight love resolutions will get you (and keep you) on the right track towards a deeper, more meaningful partnership.

1. Set Relationship Goals

Cliche as #relationshipgoals has become, there’s plenty of long-standing credibility to the hashtag that goes beyond mere appearances. Goal-setting sets the framework for the direction you want to grow while also serving as a powerful motivator to maintain progress. 

Relationship and dating goals look different for everyone and every situationship, but you can never go wrong by honing in on the basics. Learning to be a better listener, making quality time a priority, and leaning into difficult conversations with an open, and honest heart are all beautiful places to start. For those dating around, look beyond physical appearances and financial status. Yes, attraction and stability are important standards to meet, don’t close yourself off to someone who is building and bettering themselves.

Of course, there’s always room for more lavish vacations together and perfect holiday card photos — but your relationship goals should closely align with your relationship resolutions. At the end of the day, it’s emotional understanding and intimacy that strengthens a partnership. Make sure your goals work toward a love stronger than the year before.

2. Chase New Experiences and Activities Together

It’s no secret that dating can be tiresome and repetitive. If you find yourself losing steam planning new adventures with your partner or dreading the same old first and second date spots, it’s time to switch it up. Rekindling the fire may seem like a daunting task, but a little out-of-the-box brainstorming can fast-track you back to that butterfly-belly and blushing, beaming smile state of mind. 

Skip your favorite restaurant (trust us, you wont regret it), and try these thrilling experiences that guarantee unforgettable moments together:

3. Stop Swiping, Try Matchmaking

Swiping is so yesterday, especially if you’re serious about finding your person and settling down. Let’s get real, the dating apps don’t hit like they used to — shortened attention spans, superficiality, bots, and the ghosting epidemic have tarnished the experience and have love-seekers looking elsewhere. Matchmaking is the way of the future, bringing an air of intention and authenticity back to the dating scene.

For Black women, this dating resolution is particularly beneficial. Dating apps can foster a hostile space riddled with misogynoir, racism, and fetishization. Avoid the stress, mess, and unnecessariness by opting for a professional matchmaking service like CarpeDM. Reset your dating pool by swapping quantity for quality and get matched with people who align well with your core values and non-negotiables. With an added layer of background check security, matchmaking eliminates time wasted, getting you closer to someone who could be the one.

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4. Learn Your Love Languages

Affectionate black couple celebrating their love with genuine smiles and laughter, creating a positive atmosphere.

Everybody gives and receives love in a multitude of different ways, but these millions of ways to say “I love you” can be boiled down into one of the five love languages. Coined in 1992 by marriage counselor and author Gary Chapman, the five love languages include:

  1. Words of affirmation: Verbal appreciation, assurance, and encouragement make your heart warm and fuzzy. 
  2. Quality time: Moments spent together with your partner’s undivided attention make you feel safe and seen.
  3. Physical touch: Intimacy, hugs, kisses, holding hands, and cuddles allow you to melt into your partner’s love.
  4. Acts of service: Actions speak louder than words for you. Help with chores, your coffee made just how you like it, and old-fashioned chivalry mean the world to you.
  5. Receiving gifts: Thoughtful, spontaneous gift-giving and receiving are your ways of showing your partner you pay attention to their wants and needs. 

This dating and relationship resolution is two-fold — first you’ll want to dedicate time to learning which of the love languages make you feel cared for, supported, and respected. Next, explore how your partner prefers to receive love. In most cases, your love languages will vary, so it’s important to take the time to discuss how you can show up for each other through each day. Progress with this couple’s resolution is marked by elevated communication, heightened emotional satisfaction, and beautiful personal growth.

5. Embrace Vulnerability

Whether you’re on a first date or celebrating New Year’s with your lover of 10 years, having vulnerable moments can be challenging. As humans, it’s only natural for our instinctual flight or fight to kick in when we’re faced with uncomfortable conversations and decisions. However, as humans, it’s an inevitable part of life that’s practically inescapable when you’re working toward building a long-lasting relationship with another person.

Embracing vulnerabIlity takes shape in many ways, including:

This relationship resolution might be the most intimidating on our list, but could be the most transformative. You’re not alone in struggling with fully transparent lines of communication with your partner — take comfort in knowing that doing so is of joint benefit and making the commitment is always a step in the right direction.

6. Commit to Consistency

Be for real, have you gotten lazy with your date nights, found yourself checking-out of conversations, or spending too much time on social media? We get it, life is busy and you deserve downtime to relax, regroup, and recharge — however, if you’ve noticed your relationship has suffered due to too much time clocked-out, it might be time to reevaluate.

Make no mistake, committing to consistency is a feat that requires two players. This couple’s resolution is a critical key to maintaining a connection and long-lasting love. Showing your partner that your words are backed by action fosters a sense of security and dependability — the stuff that keeps couples together for years and years. 

Maybe all of this sounds abstract and you’re not sure where to start. Try these tips:

7. Make a Date-Night Bucket List

Smiling black couple in a warm embrace, expressing love and happiness in a beautiful outdoor setting.

New year, new date nights! Kicking off your year of new dating and relationship resolutions with a bucket list of date adventures ensures you always have an amazing idea up your sleeve. Whether it’s a cozy night in or a full day of activities, getting creative with your dates adds an element of excitement you’ll both appreciate.

Need some inspiration? Add these activities to your list to ignite the fire:

8. Give Yourself Grace

If you’re anything like the average human, you can be incredibly hard on yourself. Whether it’s feeling down about the status of your love life or you’re beaten up about a past relationship that’s been difficult to move on from, know that your feelings are valid. Life and love are complicated, and the beauty of it all is it’s always in motion. 

That said, changing your outlook on the two big L’s and your own very being can help transform the way in which you interact with the world. Giving yourself grace means accepting imperfection, showing self-compassion, letting go of negative self-talk, caring for your mental health, and focusing on gratitude. 

Achieving your 2024 love and dating resolutions should be an exciting and encouraging venture, not one tied to shame. Embrace the bumps in the road and remember that you’re only human. Tomorrow is a beautiful day to try again.

New Year, New Intentions

Focused black woman setting goals with a sense of peace and determination, creating a tranquil and empowering atmosphere.

2024 is here and destined to be your best year yet. With these eight dating and relationship resolutions, you can set your heart (and calendar) up for sweet success. 

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