Unleashing Our Inner Cupid: CarpeDM & HLS Collective Join Forces for Love and Wellness!

In the realm of dating and wellness, fostering a strong connection between your physical and emotional well-being can significantly impact your life through the quality of your romantic and social relationships.

A robust sense of wellness not only enhances your own relationship mood, but also creates the foundation for building strong connections with potential partners. When you prioritize wellness, it showcases a commitment to self-care that is undeniably attractive.

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CarpeDM is partnering with HLS Collective, a community of practice that celebrates the wholeness of women! Our communities understand that dating isn’t just about finding love—it’s also about personal growth and holistic well-being. By teaming up with HLS, we aim to give our members not only a chance to find meaningful connections but also the tools and support to nurture their mental and physical health, creating a unique and empowering dating experience. Together, we’re on a mission to redefine the dating landscape, making it a space where wellness and love go hand in hand! Read on to meet the amazing women behind HLS.

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Commitment to Exercise: Does Sweating It Out Actually Turn Heads?

Does working out make you more attractive? C’mon, have you asked yourself if going to the gym makes you more attractive? Participating in fitness dating or engaging in fitness relationships isn’t solely about sculpting the perfect physique, but rather about reaping the numerous benefits of being in a relationship that prioritizes well-being. Exercising with a partner or date is a fantastic way to strengthen your bond and navigate the challenges that life and dating may present. Studies suggest that partners tend to view one another as more attractive over time when they commit to physical activities together. We did some research for you! Check out how exercising as a couple may boost mood and relationship satisfaction.

Bonding exercises for couples and relationship strengthening exercises are excellent tools for nurturing good connections. These practices not only promote mental health in relationships, but also create a deeper sense of intimacy and understanding. Working out as a couple can be a transformative experience, as it aligns your physical and emotional well-being, contributing to a healthy and strong partnership.

Mind Matters: Elevating the Quality of Your Relationship, One Exercise at a Time

But it’s not just about physical fitness; it’s also about healing and improving the mental health of relationships. Committing to wellness together demonstrates a shared dedication to each other’s well-being, which can significantly influence your relationship’s positive aspects. The emotional benefits of exercising together can help you achieve your dating goals by enhancing your connection and overall attractiveness to each other.

In essence, wellness isn’t just a buzzword in dating—it’s a powerful tool to create strong connections, strengthen relationships, and make yourself more attractive in the eyes of potential partners. By prioritizing wellness as a couple and engaging in healthy relationship exercises and physical activities for couples, you’re not only investing in your own well-being but also nurturing a thriving, love-filled partnership.

CarpeDM x HLS: The Ultimate Power Couple of Dating and Wellness!

Monica (Mon): Hey there, beautiful souls! It’s Monica and Tasha, the dynamic duo behind HLS Collective, and we’ve got a story to share—one that’s all about empowerment, growth, and community.

HLS Collective Leadership
Tasha + Mon are the HLS Collective Dynamic Duo

Tasha: Absolutely! You know HLS Collective, which stands for Healthy Lifestyle Collective, wasn’t just a concept we dreamed up overnight. It was born from my 15-year journey in the corporate gym world. I saw that glass ceiling, and it was high time to break free and create a wellness resource that’s all about community.

Mon: Our journey together started in the most unexpected place—Tasha’s couch on her 32nd birthday! Can you believe it? I was just 22 back then, stuck in an unhealthy relationship. But Tasha saw something in me, and she hired me as her personal trainer. That very day, I mustered the courage to break things off with that guy. It was like the universe was telling me I had so much to look forward to, and it was time to focus on myself.

Tasha: It was a wild ride navigating our careers and the “city girl” dating life, but I was always there for Mon, making sure she never settled for less and showing her through the healthy relationship with my husband, love is what she also deserved in her life.

Tasha HLS Collective CEO & Founder
Tasha Cooper, Founder & CEO HLS Collective

Mon: And that’s how entrepreneurship found us! Our mission to help our clients live quality lives was too strong to suppress in a corporate bubble. Connection, guidance, and encouragement have been our fuel, not just in our friendship but also in the love we pour into our team and community.

Tasha: It’s been a dream come true, growing this community with my best friend over the years and turning it into a company! But you know what, Mon? Our journey doesn’t stop here. We’re all about holistic well-being, especially in the dating world. More about dating and why we’ve partnered with CarpeDM, the only dating app and matchmaking service dedicated to black women later. (wink)

Mon: That’s right, Tasha! At HLS Collective, we believe in practices like mindfulness and self-reflection. They sharpen your mental clarity and resilience, making dating not just more enjoyable but also more successful.

Monica HLS Collective Chief of Community
Monica Jones, Chief of Community HLS Collective

Tasha: And let’s not forget regular exercise and a balanced diet. They boost your confidence and radiate self-assuredness that’s magnetic to potential partners.

Mon: Prioritizing your well-being through these practices sets the stage for meaningful and fulfilling connections in your dating journey.

Tianna White: Hey, everyone, it’s Tianna here! I recently became a happily married member of HLS Collective, but let me tell you, my journey was far from typical. I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship, both physically and emotionally.

Tasha: That’s where we come in, Tianna! We coached Tianna not just through her weight loss and body goals but also in building the confidence and boundaries she needed to break free from that toxic relationship. It was a transformative journey that helped her create space in her life and develop the resilience to leave behind what was holding her back.

Mon: And now, she’s thriving in a loving marriage. That’s the power of self-love and a wellness-focused community.

HLS Collective Member
Tianna, HLS Member with her Husband

Tasha: Absolutely, Mon! And here’s the big picture—HLS and CarpeDM share a community that’s aspirational, one that’s poised to change lives and entire communities in very positive ways. The partnership between HLS Collective and CarpeDM is a powerful collaboration that makes perfect sense in our mission to empower black women and provide a safe space for anyone interested in dating them. HLS Collective has a deep commitment to holistic well-being, self-empowerment, and building confidence. CarpeDM offers a matchmaking service that respects and prioritizes black women and fosters genuine connections.

Tasha and Mom with CarpeDM Co-Founders Naza Shelley and Sali Hama

Mon: By joining forces, we aim to create a positive environment where black women can confidently navigate the dating world, while also ensuring that everyone interested in black women, regardless of their background, feels welcome and has the opportunity to build meaningful, lasting connections based on mutual respect and understanding. Together, we’re breaking down barriers and forging a path toward love, empowerment, and unity. Our community isn’t just about the present; it’s about nurturing dreams and aspirations. We’re here to prove that aspirations can become reality and that love and wellness can redefine the future.

Tasha: So, here’s to the power of our shared community, to holistic well-being, and to the incredible journey ahead of us. Together, we’re creating a brighter future, one healthy lifestyle, one lasting marriage, and one generation of wealth at a time.

Mon: Cheers to that, Tasha! Let’s keep shining, thriving, and changing lives. Thank you all for being part of this incredible journey with us.

HLS Collective Team
The HLS Team

Tasha: Our partnership with CarpeDM is a testament to our commitment to nurturing not just romantic connections but also personal growth and well-being. We’re excited to embark on this new chapter, where love and wellness converge to redefine the future of dating, one empowering step at a time. Stay tuned for the exciting developments and transformations that lie ahead. Together, let’s seize the dating and embrace a healthier, happier tomorrow!

Learn more about HLS Collective and their mission here.

Wrap-Up: The Perfect Blend of Dating and Wellness!

The CarpeDM dating x HLS wellness partnership is a dynamic fusion that goes beyond superficial connections. By incorporating relationship-building exercises and couples strengthening exercises, we place emphasis on mental and physical health and fostering genuine bonds. If you exercise with a partner or date, you not only enhance your attractiveness but also your overall well-being. This partnership redefines dating as a journey towards both emotional and physical growth, highlighting that the ultimate benefit results from dating when it nurtures our relationships and mental health simultaneously.

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